How to Sell?

How to start selling on HBCU Tour Marketplace?

Ready to go global? Your business can penetrate new markets and reach customers around the world with an HBCU Tour Marketplace Vendor account. Here’s how to get started!

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    Start Selling

    As an HBCU Tour Marketplace seller, you're getting more than a storefront in a global marketplace calibrated to help you grow your business, and help you provide services to your buyers. Here's how to get up and running so you can start making sales.

    Open an account

    As a new seller, you may have multiple types of selling packages/plans to choose from, depending on if you are a Historically Black College University Student/Alum, Minority Individual or Enterprise Seller. Follow a few easy steps to register for an HBCU Tour seller account and get your Vendor Verification process done to build trust between you and your potential buyers.

    Post Your Products

    It's important to add all of the products in your catalog to your store. Having more products in your store increases your chances of showing up in buyers' search results. This means you'll potentially get more exposure and secure more customers as a result. You can post products individually, or streamline the process with the bulk upload tool.

    Create A Store

    On HBCU Tour, you get a multi-page store dedicated entirely to your business, where you can create a unique digital identity to help your brand stand out and showcase your goods.